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Fermion International Development Foundation

Few Words About Us

The Fermion International Development Foundation (FIDF), is a non-profit organisation, investing principally in social and economic development projects located in underprivileged areas. Our investment bias will apply a specific focus on healthcare, education and daily living infrastructures.

FIDF will, through the use of professional partners and the implementing of systematic and efficient control processes, work to gain the maximum benefit from its capital in every project. Durability, sustainability with a high value add are all key investment criteria to FIDF.

FIDF is financing its projects through donations of individuals, corporates and other non-profit oganisations.

FIDF is a tax-exempt foundation under Swiss law, based in Geneva.




Financing humanitarian and social economic projects internationally, mainly in underprivileged and developing regions


Assisting non-profit organisation's in projects for the good and advancement of humanity


Sponsoring local initiatives that are of value for the creation and sustainability of those communities



Fermion International Development Foundation (FIDF)
ICC Building - G7
Route de Pré-Bois 20
P.O. Box 1843
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